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This page is going to be dedicated to information regarding paper mills in the UK which have closed down in recent years with a brief description of products previously produced and the final destination of the machines, if known. If any information is believed to be incorrect please contact us on our enquiry page and we will be in touch.

If you wish to pass on further information of interest again please get in touch

Starting with:

A.     Curtis Fine Papers Guardbrige Fife  :

Four machines; PM3 1320mm, PM4 2360mm, PM5 2450mm, PM6 2450mm.

Closed : In Administration 2008

PM3: Relocated from Dalmore Mill in 2004 ( most items from Dalmore to Thailand). Sold to Niton Industries in Bangladesh - now making air-filter paper.

PM4: Also to Niton Industries - now producing writing/printing and watermark papers)

PM5: Egypt making fluting and liner papers.

PM6:Chennai, India making writing and printing papers.

Site now owned by St Andrews University with a brewery / distillery on site and with the developement of a Biomass Plant which pumps hot water to university buildings in St Andrews.

Other items and their destinations:

Folio ream wrapper and Jagenberg sheeter: South America.

Embosser: Tullis Russell Papermakers, Fife.

Jagenberg rewinder: Denmark

B. Aylesford Newsprint

Closed:  In Administration 2015

Two machines PM 13 5400mm and PM 14 9400mm

PM 13  Dryer section India

PM 14 China making writing / printing paper.

Buildings to ground level - planned development.

C.M Real Sittingbourne Ltd

Sale: 2007/2008

Newer machine to North West Timber Products in St Petersburg.

Older machine, Indonesia.

During WW2, manufactured aeroplane reserve fuel tanks from paper.

D. Inveresk Caldwell's Mill, Inverkeithing

Sale: 2004

Newest machine and cut size line sold to North West Timber Products in St Petersburg.

Older machines: India, Iran.

E. Inveresk St Cuthberts Mill, Wells

Larger machine PM1, sold to Mexico. 2800 mm in 2010.

Smaller machine still running St Cuthberts Mill Ltd -  making art papers / watercolour papers.

F.Weidmann Whitely Ltd

Sale: 2008. Small J.H.Horne machine to Russia.

Company still in production: insulation board / pressboard.

G.Davidson Muggiemoss Aberdeen

Muti - vat board machine sold to Ukraine. 3650mm machine. Year ?? o/s

H. St Regis Paper Co Ltd, Sudbrook

Sale: 2008. 4450mm machine to Malaysia.

I. Abibtibi Bridgewater

Peel Ports owner. Deinking plant to Celpap Machinery, Bangladesh. Second deinking plant to Russia.

Two newsorint machines scrapped.

J. Rigid Paper Selby

Two fluting and liner machines: one to Mexico, one to Egypt in 2009/2010.

K. Edward Thompson Grouo, Sunderland

Writig and printing paper machine to India in 2006.

L. Smith Anderson

Fourdriner machine to Egypt. 2011

Two MG machines making bag, envelope paper converted to make industrial tissue and presently in production (Sapphire Mill, Fife.)

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