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Calenders, Supercalenders, Embossing Calenders
KUSTER CALENDER: built by BASAGOITIA in 1987. Table width of rolls :3500mm, diameter of Kuster roll 500mm, diameter superior roll: 650mm, speed: 750 -800 m/min, lineal press load: 100 daN/cm. Included: spare rolls, hydraulic group, panel control and …
POPE REELERS FOR SALE: 1. VOITH POPE REELER: face length 3450mm, maximum speed 1100m/min, cylinder diameter 800mm. Working width 2800 to 3300mm. Diameter maximum rewind 1800mm. 2. POPE REELER: table width 3480mm, diameter 900mm, maximum diamete…
KLEINWEFERS SUPERCALENDER: YEAR 1962,14-ROLLS, type 3-K 80/14 for one or two side coated paper, 90-300 gsm with electric drive system. Maximum working width : 2650mm. Maximum diameter of paper rolls for unwind and rewind: 1320mm. Speed: 350 m/min, …
TWO SUPERCALENDERS: VOITH SULZER SUPERCALENDER SK08, year 1981.Width: 5100mm, speed: 750 m/min, pressure 290 N/mm, temperature: 60-100 degrees C, twelve rolls (four heated steel rolls). Eleven nips. VOITH SULZER SUPERCALENDER SK09, year 1985.…
SOFT NIP TANDEM CALENDER: SOFT NIP COVER 82T0403 (smooth roll). Cover width 9150mm, roll length 8700mm, nip length 8520mm. THERMO ROLL 82T0402 (hard roll).
KLEINWEFERS / VOITH CALENDER: Year 1991, rebuild 1999. Trim width: 3800 mm. Paper grades: single and double sided coated high glossy w/f papers. Speed 1500 m/min. Unwind: Voith flying splice year 1999. Rewind: Sensomat Plus and IBS RCS2000 tambour ch…
VOITH-KLEINEWEFERS SOFT COMPACT MACHINE CALENDER, width 8558mm, year 1998, modified 2008, speed 1300 m/min, back to back (2+2) with two crown - controlled rolls and two Thermo - rolls.
KLEINWEFERS 4-WALZEN CALENDER K 50/4: with unwind and rewind. Face width: 1700mm, paper width: 1600mm, running speed: 300 m/min. Drive: 50 kw More details on request.
HUNT AND MOSCROP CALENDER: year 1991, top roll: diameter 760 mm x 3100 mm, bottom roll (controlled pumping) 670 mm x 3100 mm. Speed: 800 m/min, hydraulic unit with two spare rolls.
HUNT AND MOSCROP SUPERCALENDER YEAR 1972. Drive on right hand side. Roll surface width 4013mm. Flexytherm roll surface width 4040mm. Working width 3250mm with Kusters roll. Kleinwefers roll quick change system: year 1991. Operating speed 750 m/min, …

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