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Winders and Rewinders
WARTSILA KL1000 SLITTER WINDER 5600, MM.SIEMENS S7 400 LOGIC. Speed range 0-2500 mpm. Original year 1979, stopped working in 2016 printing grades 45-85 gsm. Modernised 1987. Electricity and tension measuring rebuild 2006. Tension measuring range 0…
ONE TITAN REWINDER; 1600mm, model SR6, year 1997. Maximum slit 1600mm, minimum split 20mm. Shaftless floor roll pickup, edge guide, 14 slitters manual setting, tail removal system, vacuum table on unwind. Rewinder can be seen in operation. NOTE: T…
JYLHA TWO CYLINDER SLITTER REWINDER, 2200mm. Designed for paper and carton 40 - 360 gsm. Year 1985, modernised 1999: COTTA cutting sets, new logic Simatic drive. Unwinder roll width 400 - 2300mm, unwinder paper - cylinder surfaces 2450mm. Unwinde…
VALMET WINBELT REWINDER: shaftless unwind 2500mm diameter with shaftless rewind, four slitters, manual setting, roll ejector and lowering table. Width 3000mm and roll diameter 1500mm, speed 1500 m/min.
JAGENBERG VARI-DUR, year 1972 with many rebuilds including drive and controls. Width 2100mm, speed 800 m/min, rewind on scale 1400mm diameter, running 36 rolls per day. Shaftless unwind with a range of centre core stub. Slitting at the moment using o…
WARTSILA KL 1000 SLITTER WINDER: 5600mm Siemens S7 400 Logic. Year 1979, modernised 1987, stopped production 2016 when it was cutting grades 45-85 gsm. Speed range: 0-2500 m/min.
JAGENBERG DOCTOR-WINDER, year 1972, width 2100mm, capacity 36 reels/day.One reel, two knives.
REEL REWINDER: speed 2000 m/min, sheet width 5100mm, rolls; steel winding drum Venta grooved.
RECARD rewinder: year 2006, maximum width 2820mm, maximum reel diameter 2200mm, production speed 1500 m/min, basic weight range 14 - 30 gsm.
GOEBEL TYPE U 16S rewinder. Year 1975, working width 4700mm, speed 1600 m/min, unwind diameter 1700mm, rewind diameter 1800mm, ten slitting knives, hydraulic drives. Normal operating speed 1000/ 1200 m/min (with light weight paper). Minimum slit widt…
NOW SOLD: JAGENBERG VARIROLL TYPE 650-15. Year 1985: working width 3200mm. Drive: right hand side, operating side on left. Rolling diameter 2000mm, maximum machine speed: 2000 m/min, maximum diameter of winding roll: 1500mm. More details on request.
PRESS CENTREWINDER: year 2007. Worling width 3300mm, design speed 1200 m/min. Basis weght range: 35 - 230 gsm. Roll diameter maximum: 2200mm, drum diameter: 310mm, length 3400mm reel ball.
BRUDERHAUS REWINDER Model RS 3621-15. Working width 2500mm, grammage 50 to 180 gsm, unwind and rewind diameter 1500mm, speed 700 m/min. Unwind for reel shells and rewind cores shaftless 70mm and 120mm, drive 37 kw. Year 1964 and rebuilt 1980, driv…

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