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Dewatering / Deinking


NOW SOLD: SUPERCELL 20 Krofta /KWI FLOTATION EQUIPMENT YEAR 1976. Maximum flow: 3600 lpm, 219 m3/ho. Diameter 6.1m Height apex 0.6 m. Not erected, includes S/S chests, AD

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SUPERCELL 40 Krofta /KWI FLOTATION EQUIPMENT YEAR 1998. Maximum flow: 14.6 m3/min, 876 m3/hour. Diameter 12,200 mm Height 660mm. Not erected, includes S/S chests, ADT.

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HONEYWELL DEVRONIZER (Steam Box): width 2800 mm. For the control and adjustment of the moisture level between the forming section and the press section.

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ANDRITZ DOUBLE WIRE PRESS 2800mm, control panel, hydraulic unit, drive cabinet, two piece inverters.

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