John Wilkie Paper Mill Services Ltd


Winders and Rewinders


1. Goebel rewinder max width 3400mm, min width 3100mm, speed 800m/min, year 2006, Core sizes , unwind 1500mm and rewind 1200mm. Minimum slit 50mm. .2. Goebel Optima rew

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Cameron rewinder: width 1.5m, roll diameter 1.3m.

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GOEBEL 4 Model UVIIM SLITTER / REWINDER Upgraded to run 16-40gsm papers (and above) Trim width 2,400 mm, minimum coil width 60mm, maximum coil diameter 1100 mm, maximum

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ATLAS TITAN SR7 (2001) 1600mm web width, 1000mm unwind diameter (shaftless floor pickup). 800mm rewind diameter (full length diff ball locks) Shear slitting (5 x Tidla

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GOEBEL OPTISLIT SLITTER REWINDER Current weight GSM range 40-190 gsm. Maximum trim wdth 2500mm, maximum unwind diameter 2000mm, maximum rewind diameter 1500mm. Maximum

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ELITE CAMERON TD 4300 REWINDER: APPROXIMATELY 500 hrs OPERATION. Maximum reel length 2000mm, maximum reel diameter 1500mm, maximum reel grammage 300 gsm, maximum speed 70

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NOW SOLD. WARTSILA KL 1000 SLITTER WINDER: 5600mm Siemens S7 400 Logic. Year 1979, modernised 1987, stopped production 2016 when it was cutting grades 45-85 gsm. Speed ra

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JAGENBERG DOCTOR-WINDER, year 1972, width 2100mm, capacity 36 reels/day.One reel, two knives.

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REEL REWINDER: speed 2000 m/min, sheet width 5100mm, rolls; steel winding drum Venta grooved.

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