John Wilkie Paper Mill Services Ltd


Pulp Plant


PULP DRYER INCLUDING SHEETER AND BALING INSTALLED AND OVERHAULED 2016: Dryer: Sheet Flakt Dryer -- Valmet and Flackt. Baling: Supplier Sunds. Net capacity: 400 ADmt/d. Ba

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PULP MOULDING (ROTATION) MACHINE: used furnish: recycled fibre. Can manufacture plant pots, egg trays etc. Manufacturer: Hartman. Speed 30-36 strikes / minute. 6 forming

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300 TPD DEINKING / RECYCLE FIBER PLANT; KAYMR FIBER FLOW 300 CONTINUOUS DRUM PULPER. Bale conveyor system includes: Lamb Wolf Dewirer system, bale breaker system, dust c

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